Let there be light

My first blog post and I have been agonising over it for hours. How do I set the mood? Should it be something long and technical or something short and breezy? Just a photograph to show off my work or ……….

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light (Genesis 1:3). And I say thank God there is light, for where would we photographers be without it? Chasing the elusive golden hour at the crack of dawn with a two-tonne pack of gear (or so it seems).

After dealing with street dogs, belligerent security men and curious members of the public, the balancing act of ISO, shutter speed and f-stop somehow managed, all the time keeping an eye on creativity, I come home to practice the dark dark art of post processing.

TriangleCountless hours,thousands of rupees and too many Sunday mornings sacrificed to the God of Photography. All for that one perfect image which makes everything worthwhile.


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