Roaming in Reay Road

Last Sunday morning I went for a photo-walk around the Reay Road station on the Harbour line. The road which leads to the station from Wadala houses the Bombay Port Trust godowns. Goods trains are diverted to a side track and carry merchandise right next to these warehouses.

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201303 RAW 053-Edit
A long stretch of the road has these tiny shanties built with recycled material which are a testimonial to human ingenuity. There are no provisions for latrines and everywhere I looked it was evident that the occupants were forced to use the streets as an open-air toilet.

But what I notice is the smiles on the faces of the children, their willingness to be photographed and the banter of the adults who are all the more eager. And I think that this is what street photography is all about, about people and their interaction with their surroundings.

201303 RAW 022-2 201303 RAW 030


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