Black Bull ~ Without Wings

Red Bull gives you wings. But the Great Bull has no wings; in fact it doesn’t even move. It was my last day in Bangalore and the auto driver suggested a diversion on the way to the Bangalore Palace. I hadn’t heard of the temple of Nandi at Basavanagudi and as a sceptical traveller I was sure it was another scam to get some money out of a tourist.

But some quick research on my phone and I was convinced. The legend goes that hundreds of years ago, the farmers of the area were being harassed by a wild bull which was destroying their ground-nut crops. When clubbed by the farmers, the bull turned into stone and even managed to grow in size during the process. A small temple was built around this monolithic statue. Later Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore, built a huge temple in the Dravidian style in the same place. The statue is 4.5m high and 6.5m long.

201303 Kabini 987

If you are planning to visit this temple, just remember to take a look at the Bugle Rock. Entry to the temple was free and the priest told me that the timings are from 6am to 8pm.

201303 Kabini 985

I was planning to make a more orderly blog post starting with my flight to Bangalore at the unearthly hour of 6am, but somehow the pictures first drew my eye while editing and then the story just popped into my head. Will try to give a chronological report going forward.


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