The Palaces

I was so tired from the monumental effort of writing the one thousand words post on the elephants of Kabini that, that it’s been a while since I have written in the blog. But many unsaid wonders remain from my last trip. So let me tell you about the palaces of the Wodeyars.

I can see you are frowning and wondering who the Wodeyars are? I remember reading about Tipu Sultan but there was nothing about the Wodeyars in the school history books.

There is a lot of interesting history there including how two princes from Gujarat helped to rescue the beleaguered princess of Mysore from the attention of an unwanted suitor; the eldest married the princess and became the King Of Mysore.

If you want to read more on this just check this link, worth a visit.

Their palace, the fourth at this site, also has a chequered history. It was destroyed by lighting, burnt in a fire and demolished by Tipu Sultan. A real chapter of accidents.

I was lucky to be there on a Sunday to see the palace lit up with ninety-seven thousand bulbs shimmering in the night. I went back the next day to see the interiors and the grounds. While extremely lavish with detailed decorations in every nook and corner, I was mildly disappointed as it all seemed a bit excessive. But I guess that was expected of a royal dynasty.

Kabini (4) Kabini (5) Kabini (3)

Having seen the palace in Mysore, I had to go to the Palace in Bangalore. A relatively new structure, this was more tastefully done yet luxurious with gilded ceilings and wall length mirrors and a beautiful curved stair-case.

Kabini (8) 201303 Kabini 1010 copy Kabini (7)

Now for the bad news. If you are a photographer, you are not allowed to take the camera into Mysore Palace though you can photograph the lights. At the Bangalore Palace, the camera is allowed but with a stupendous fee of Rs. 650(even a mobile camera is charged around Rs. 280). Considering the entry fee of Rs. 280, that is close to a thousand rupee outlay just on one Palace.


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