Bhaji on the Beach

Juhu (15)

This weekend’s photography outing was on a Saturday evening at the Juhu Beach. Like the rest of Bombay, Juhu is overcrowded especially during the week-ends. Courting couples, screaming children and vendors with “chat patta” snacks dot every square inch of the sand until walking on the beach is more like running an obstacle course.

But despite the mayhem, once you feel the cool breeze coming in from the sea and the sea water under your bare feet, you know why the others are there; and you are there too. For a slice of nature in the midst of the city.

The food stalls selling pao bhaji (buns with curry), ragda pattice ( potatoes with chick peas), kulfi (Indian ice-cream) and too many other snacks to list are nothing to be sniffed at. And if you are feeling greedy, like I was just pop over to one of the restaurants across the road for some air-conditioned environment and delicious food. After some pao bhaji on the beach of-course!

Juhu (2)


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