The Art of Black & White

Flyer Template copyTheia Photography presents “The Art of Black & White” ( ABW) – a workshop by Debi Sen Gupta on taking beautiful monochrome images & post processing such images with LR4.

While the photographic world has converted to digital to a large extent, the charm of black & white images remain. With the inherent drawback of digital sensors, knowing how to take superior monochromes can be an art in itself. Whether it’s street photography or fashion, travel or fine art; every genre has its fair share of fans of this format. So learn to interpret the world in black & white.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What separates ABW from other workshops?

 It’s the time and attention we put into each workshop to see that you have the most amazing experience of a lifetime. The course content is thoroughly discussed and then finalized just before the workshop keeping in mind the skill levels of the participants. The mentors have years of experience in their respective fields and spend considerable time and effort to ensure that the content is easy to understand and pertinent to your needs.

 What can I expect to learn on your workshop?

There will be theory as well as practical sessions, covering the following aspects:

 Visualization and seeing in monochrome;
 Understanding the power of light and luminosity in B&W images;
 Processing RAW files for digital monochrome; and
 Traditional darkroom techniques transferred into Lightroom.

There is an option to join for a street shoot a week before the workshop. These photographs or any other pictures taken by you will be reviewed at the end of the workshop.

 When is the workshop being held?

 Sunday, 14 July 2013 from 9.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 Where is the workshop being held?

 The workshop will be held at a studio near Santa Cruz. Final details will be intimated a week before the workshop.

 How much does it cost to be a part of ABW?

 Your investment for the workshop will be Rs 2,000 inclusive of guidance by the mentor, presentation materials, a working lunch & tea/coffee. For an additional Rs 400, you can join us for the photo-walk on 7th July 2013 at 7am followed by breakfast. Location of the walk to be announced a fortnight before the workshop.

 How can I pay for your workshop?

 Cheques payable to “Debi Sen Gupta” can be deposited at any branch or drop-box of Citibank. If you are depositing at a drop-box, please ensure that it’s meant for bank accounts and not for credit card payments. Also mention the account number at the back of the cheque.

 A direct transfer can be done to the bank as per following details:
 Account Name: Debi Sen Gupta
 Bank: Citibank
 Account Number: 5249603114
 Branch: Fort, Mumbai
 IFSC Code: CITI0100000

 Do you offer any discounts? Can we book as a group?

 We are offering an early bird discount of 10% if you pay by 27 June 2013. Group bookings will receive a discount depending on the size of the group. Please talk to us for more details.

 Do I absolutely need to bring a laptop with me? What about Lightroom?

 A laptop is important for the Lightroom module to practice your post-processing for our review.

 If you are carrying a laptop, please load it with the Lightroom 4. A trial version valid for 30 days can be downloaded at the Adobe website.

 What if I don’t know very much about Cameras or Lightroom?

 A basic knowledge of the use of a DSLR camera is essential for this course. Our workshops include photographers with varied experience, which makes the workshops more interesting and rewarding. The less you know, the harder we work. You’ll even be surprised how much you will learn from other students who are attending as well.

We hope this was helpful.

Please email us or call Debi Sen Gupta ( + 91 98190 00347) if you have any further questions. We will be happy to assist you. To find out more about us please check out

We look forward to seeing you at The Art of Black & White!


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