That’s What Friends Are For


Being a photographer is easy. Just buy a good camera and you are set. But the trouble starts when you want to try and be a good photographer.

I never really worked at being an accountant. A month or so before the exams I used to go through the books and make extensive notes and that was about it. Yes I did spend a lot of time planning what to study. And boom I want to be a photographer. And suddenly I am spending hours in front the computer looking at pictures, practicing Lightroom, reading books, magazines or websites. Learning about gear, composition, light and post processing.

Trust me it’s not easy. If you are not sure about a tax law you can just talk to a consultant or look it up in a book. Easy peasy. Then you pick up a camera and suddenly you have to make a decision in 1/500th of a second. Or faster and no one to consult with.

There I was struggling with certain aspects of photography and OCD that I am I am not content to accept what people say, but must cross check. So I go this photographic forum where I often post my pictures and place my doubts. These are photographers from over the world and highly talented people with years of experience.

Suddenly I find one of them has sent me a Drop-box invite and in that box there are goodies galore. Books, pictures and guides, all to answer my questions and make my life easier. An early Christmas present and all I could say was thank you my friend.

Many of you may have noticed my Facebook post asking for female volunteers willing to model for me for a few hours. And for free. Now I am a newbie at portrait photography and I was completely blown away by the response I got despite the fact that I told everyone that I cannot guarantee decent photographs.

So how can you explain how it feels when within three days you have nine confirmed “bookings” including a male model. There are two former colleagues in this list, a few friends from Bombay and one all the way from the USA. Then there is a very elegant lady I met during my Powai Durga Puja shoot who actually amazed me when she offered to spare some time. I know how busy she is with her social, cultural and political work so I am suitably humbled.

So all I want to say through this post is that I am so happy to have so many friends who help when it matters. So again just simply thank you.


One thought on “That’s What Friends Are For

  1. When you say “I told everyone that I cannot guarantee decent photographs.” what you’re leaving un-said is that you will deliver superlative pictures 🙂 Decent does not even come close!

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