Think Beyond

In the past one year there has been a lot of discussions about how safe are women in India. Triggered off by the Nirbhaya incident, the discussions escalated as more of more high-profile cases came under scrutiny. The government changed the laws, there was intense debate by the media and a lot of sharing in Facebook and other social media. But how many of us are actually aware of our rights under the new laws? And wouldn’t it be better if we could defned ourselves and not seek legal recourse after the incident?

Think Beyong along with IBS India, arranged a talk entitled Empowering Women — A Talk By Think Beyond on 13th December 2013. The aim was to educate women in law as well as self-defence. Dr. M M Dahikar – DCP Zone X, Ms. Kamayani Bali Mahabal – noted human rights activist and a lawyer and Mr. Joseph Reddy – GM Admin and Facilities, Hiranandani Group were the speakers and covered various aspects of law and legality. It was well attended and well received.

The students of S M Shetty presented a skit on the topic. The martial art demonstration by Ms Suman Basu where she showed how we can use simple moves fascinated and delighted the women present. Mr. Luke Mendes and Ms Malaika Joshi ended the evening with a demonstration of Krav-maga.


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