Introducing Theia

From childhood I have been fascinated by mythology particularly the grandiose tales of the Greek & Nordic Gods. So when I was looking for a name for my blog, it was not surprising that I turned to mythology for inspiration.

I had a few names in mind but ultimately zeroed onto Theia. There was no other name more appropriate for a photographer named Debi (Goddess) whose entire art depends on the eye and the play of light.

Theia was the Greek Goddess of sight and the light of clear blue skies. She was a Titan and married to the God of Light. Her children were the Sun, the Moon & the Dawn. Coincidentally the word Theia simply means Goddess.

For more than six years I have been using the camera as an artist’s tool; photographing streets and special events touching the life of people has filled my life with a beauty which I don’t find in anything else. I have thinking about this for a while now and finally I am making an attempt to put in words the feelings I have for photography.



4 thoughts on “Introducing Theia

  1. Best of luck with the blog Debi! It’s very nice to see you venturing out, with your skills I’m sure you will go far.

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