Our Photographic Philosophy

FP (10) copy

Our aim is to tell the story of your event without interfering in the natural flow of the day. Keeping the posed shots to a minimum, we document the expressions, events, and emotions that make your event uniquely your own. What would you rather have, a picture of your mother staring stiffly into the camera with a cheesy smile; or one of the moment she spontaneously broke into a dance when the music started playing?

Dance Dance

Our Style: Photojournalism means photographing a cornucopia of both candid and gently directed moments, captured as your day slowly unfolds. Our photographs combine the candidness of street photography with the beauty of fine art photography. The compositions are creative and the style modern and interesting.

Touching UpThe Bride

Eye on Details: You have spent thousands of rupees to ensure that even the smallest thing speaks about your love of beauty and we make sure that these are recorded in detail. Whether it’s the invitation card or the floral arrangements, the jewellery of the bride or the birthday cake; we don’t let it slip past us. So after the party is over and you have time to put up your feet, our photographs will remind you that it was all worth the effort.

Post Production: We want our photographs to be as natural and elegant as possible relying on intrinsic worth rather than special effects for that “Wow” effect. When the picture demands a different approach, whether its HDR or textures, we don’t ignore that either; always using our artistic sensibilities.

Slokas The Fire

Premium Lenses: Have you seen the so-called wedding photographers fire the flash straight on to your face killing all shadows and the natural look? The lenses they use are not meant to be used by professionals and they rely heavily on flash to get a clear picture. We only use the best lenses available in the market for our photography sessions. Each lens costs more than Rs. 50,000 and ensures better colour, contrast and sharpness straight from the camera. These lenses are better geared to take photographs in low light (think an indoor shot) and use of artificial lights is minimised. We have the right lenses for the right moment and right effects.


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